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Secrets of the Heart

Why Ginny & Harry isn’t the real deal for me.

I remember Jk Rowling saying something about why Ginny is the one for Harry, I just can’t remember the exact words but it sounded just like this.

She said that Ginny is just what Harry needs because she lets him do what he does usually, saving the world, or anything for that matter. She’s a tough cookie and an independent one. Harry can’t have a girl who cries every minute because Harry needs someone who will understand him.

And example of this would be when Ginny didn’t cry or didn’t do anything when Harry told her that he needs to leave her for his own mission.

I liked that Ginny didn’t spend every night crying over Harry while waiting for him and actually did something, girls shouldn’t live just for boys, but this is kind of a bull. I love JK and all but I don’t agree with her on this one. Love is not letting the person you love do whatever it is they need to do, or wanna do. Love is to balance everything.Love is to support but it does not tolerate.

An example is the Half-blood Prince’s book. She tolerated him when she shouldn’t have because that book is indeed dangerous in Harry’s hand. Harry doesn’t do any second thoughts, when he sees a spell and want to use it, he will. And look what harry have done to Draco. You should know when to support and when to fight. If I let my man do his sports and forget about his work or studies, that isn’t love.

It’s just that it seems like Ginny has always seen him as the hero, the chosen one. That’s the Harry she had a crush on and fell in love with. I don’t think she ever saw him as a vulnerable boy who needs a hug from time to time. Even Molly saw that he’s just a young man, he can’t do everything. She just lets him do that saving thing.

I know Harry sometimes hates it when adults treat him a like a little boy, I think every teenager hates that, but he also finds it comforting when Molly gives him a hug, he feels a little safe, and that’s what Harry needs from time to time to be able to get his strength.

When Hermione begged him to let her be with him isn’t in the book, but we all know that that’s what she will exactly do, the reason the Harry-Book didn’t go and see his friends. I think that’s how love should be, you don’t stop them from doing what they wanna do but you also don’t stop supporting them. Sometimes, you just need to hit them hard to wake them up. She didn’t stop him from doing the saving thing but she keeps him sane and think first. She keeps him alive to be able to continue to fight. Or when Luna told him to stop going to wherever he is about to go. Luna isn’t naturally authoritative but she did what she thinks should be done.

I find Harry and Ginny too similar. It’ too comfortable that there might be no space left for other things. There isn’t any balance. Similarities doesn’t mean you fit together, in fact there are just times that you don’t need a person that is SO like you because you don’t learn anything new from them because that’s who you are already. All you need is someone who will accept you even if they don’t understand you at all, although it is also essential that they understand you. I think that is what Love is all about; acceptance.

The quote that fits Harry a bit:

"A soul mates purpose is to shake you up, tear apart your ego a little bit, show you your obstacles and addictions, break your heart open so new light can get in, make you so desperate and out of control that you have to transform your life"

Or maybe I’m just posting this because I can relate? Lol!

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